CNC cycle controlled lathe: DS700F3

The CNC Lathe is designed for precise and complex turning operations of iron and other metals.

turning Ø over bed: 700mm, turning Ø over support: 430mm, distance between centers: 1000-4000mm
Title Unit of measurement Data
swing Ø over bed mm 700
swing Ø over support mm 430
distance between centers mm 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 (900,1900,2900,3900*)
turning Ø over bed mm 700(600*)
turning Ø over support mm 430
performance of the main drive /30min, kW 18,5/23
spindle speed rev/min 10…1600
Max. spindle torque Nm 2250/2800
spindle hole diameter mm 140
conventional size of the spindle end DIN 55027 11
rapid carriage feed – longitudinal mm/min 10000
rapid carriage feed – cross mm/min 6000
carriage feed range mm/min 1…4000
thread pitch range mm 0,1-999,999
increment of longitudinal and cross traverse mm 1
machine dimensions:
length mm 3100,4100,5100,6100
width mm 2300
height mm 1900
weight kg 5000,5200,5500,5800
*turret with a horizontal axis of rotation