CNC cycle controleld double column vertical turning lathe: 25FR3

The machine is equipped with two vertical supports to hold dual or triple steel festeners. Simultaneous workpiece machining with two supports is available. Ball screw Ø 80 mm in all axes. Rear blade guide of the horizontal slides made of hardened steel with roller bearing units. Against guide surfaces coated with bronze and sliding layer.
Standard with CNC Cycle control FAGOR 8055TC.

machining Ø: 2500mm, weight of workpiece: 16000kg, height of workpiece: 1600mm

Title Unit of measurement Data
machining Ø mm 2500
face plate Ø mm 2240
height of workpiece mm 1600
max. torque kNm 50
speed range r/min 0-100
performence of the main drive kW 75
max. vertical cross travel mm 1240
rapid speed mm/min 8000
stepless feed mm/min 0-3000
stroke – horizontal mm 1390
stroke – vertical mm 1200
machine dimensions:
lenght mm 5070
width mm 6340
height mm 5100
weight kg 35500