Double column vertical turning lathe: 32FR1

The double column vertical lathes can perform the following works:
taper turning, drilling, reaming and facing with constant speed
Design: cast machine frame, rigid construction
Operation: by hanging desk, feeds with four-way switch
Supports: The machine is equipped with two vertical supports for holding triple steel fasteners
Gears: chrome steel, hardened and ground
Couplings. Electromagnetic clutches for shifting the speeds and feed movements.
Clamp:. Crossbar / supports electro-mechanical
Faceplate Storage: 2x stored in adjustable radial cylindrical roller bearings
Lubrication: faceplate, guideways, gears by independent central lubrication

machining Ø: 3200mm, workpiece weightt: 16000kg, workpiece height: 1600mm

Title Unit measurement Data
machining Ø mm 3200
face plate Ø mm 2800
height of workpiece mm 1600
xax. torque kNm 67
speed range U/min 1,25-63
performence of the main drive kW 55
cutting force of the right support kN 42,5
cutting force of the left support kN 33,5
speed of cross-bar adjustment mm/min 360
working stages 18
rapid speed mm/min 2000
stroke – horizontal mm 1720
stroke – vertical mm 1200
machine dimensions:
lenght mm 5490
width mm 7075
height mm 5100
weight kg 43000