NC controlled vertical turning lathe: 50FR2

The vertical lathe with numeric control system is suitable for manual and NC machining operations with constant cycles.
The double column vertical turning lathe is used for machining different workpieces from ferrous and nonferrous metals in small and large scale productions.
Powerful electric motors and a very robust design allows fast and accurate processing.
The machine can perform following works:

• circular cone turning of outer and inner surfaces
• facing with constant cutting speed
• turning of grooves
• tapping, drilling, sountersinking and reaming

Design: cast machine frame, rigid construction
Operation: by hanging desk, feeds with four-way switch
Supports: The machine is equipped with two vertical supports for holding triple steel fasteners
Gears: chrome steel, hardened and ground
Couplings. Electromagnetic clutches for shifting the speeds and feed movements.
Clamp:. Crossbar / supports electro-mechanical
Faceplate Storage: 2x stored in adjustable radial cylindrical roller bearings
Lubrication: faceplate, guideways, gears by independent central lubrication


Simple programming procedures allows operating without sophisticated CNC programming /operation skills. The machine-/ control concept is optimally prepared to meet all current high-precision rotating productions, despite the very simple machine operation.

NC programmable controller with touch screen function
• direct programming in manual mode of single part production with input of spindle speed, feed and position in the digital display
• programming of predefined standard machining cycles
(24 treatment cycles) in a single sentences as well as in the automatic block sequence
(to 25 cycles in a program)
• teach cycle
• input of tool parameter
• internal program memory (up to 5 edited programs) and external (compact flash)
• Fault diagnosis and display
machining Ø: 5000mm, weight of workpiece: 63000kg, height of workpiece: 2500mm
Title Unit of measurement Data
faceplate Ø mm 5000
machining Ø mm 5000
height of workpiece mm 2500
weight of workpiece kg 63000
max. torque kNm 196
speed range r/min 0-32
steps of maindrive 4
performance of main drive kW 125
cutting force of right support kN 78
cutting force of left support kN 62
range of vertical and cross feeds r/min 0-350
max. stroke of corssbar supports mm 1600
machine dimensions:
lenght mm 6600
width mm 11400
height mm 9100
weight kg 144000


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