Single column vertical turning lathe: 12FR1

The single column vertical lathe used for machining different workpieces of ferrous and nonferrous metals in the small-and large-scale production.
Powerful electric motors and a very robust design allows fast and accurate processing.
The machine can perform following tasks:
• taper turning of outer surfaces and inner surfaces
• facing with constant cutting speed
• insertion of grooves
• tapping, drilling, countersinking and reaming

• threading*

*optional on request

Design: cast machine frame, rigid construction
The machine has two supports:
An upper support with automatic swing of the five-turret and a side support with four-fold – steel holder.

machining Ø: 1250mm, weight of workpiece: 4000kg, height of workpiece: 1000mm

title unit of measurement data
machining Ø mm 1250
face plate Ø mm 1120
height of workpiece mm 1000
Max. torque kNm 20
speed range r/min 5-250
performence of main drive kW 30(75*)
Cutting force of the upper support kN 35
Cutting force of the side support kN 28
drive speed 18(2*)
rapid speed mm/min 2000
stroke – horizontal mm 775
stroke – vertical mm 700
machine dimensions:
lenghts mm 2875
width mm 2660
height mm 4100
weight kg 16500
*.300 design